Alternating Relays (ALT-120-10S)

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Ohio Electric Control Alternating Relays are designed for applications where two loads are alternately powered. This provides equal run time on the pumps. Output contacts will change state each time the control switch opens.
The control switch may be a float, thermostat, pressure switch, or timer.
The option lead/lag selector switch allows you to lock the relay in position for servicing while allowing the remaining pump to operate.
  • Ul listed/Recognized; File #E130593
  • Optional Lead/Lag Selector Switch
  • Solid-State Dependability
  • Full LED Indication
  • Lexan Case


  • Supply Voltage 24VAC or 120VAC
  • Power Consumption < 2 watts
  • Transient Protection 2500 VRWS for 10 ms
  • Contact Rating 10A @ 120VAC
  • Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C

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