Mercury & Mechanical Floats

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  • Level alarms
  • On/off switches for pumps
  • Tank fill
  • Cistern monitor
  • Dosing control
  • Industrial applications
  • Effluent pump control and alarms

  • PK: Pear Knight MK: Mini Knight
  • Molded in bright orange so float can be spotted easier
  • Available in normally open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC)
  • Tilt type mercury switch
  • Available in 2, 5, or 10 amp models
  • 16/2 SJO cord on PK float and 18/2 SJO cord on MK float
  • Optional external weight for stabilization 
  • Dense poly-urethane balls hold up well in sewage applications
Part Number PK   Part Number MK
Example: PK-2-NO-W-15Example: MK-2-NO-W-10

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