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Alarm Lights

25 variations available: $0.00 - $41.58
RL-3 High Intensity Alarm Light Lexan lens magnifies and intensifies light,Available in 4 colors: Red, Blue, Amber, and Green,Flanged lens base and gasket create
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Alarm Panels- Alarm Units with Level Control

Specifications Uses: Home sewage systems - septic tanks, dosing chambers, aeration systems, filters, Detect low water cisterns, Remote alarm for commercial systems,
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Alternating Relays

The alternating relay is made from long lasting electronic components. It is used to share the pumping duty between 2 pumps. It comes standard with a selector switch to
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Audible Alarms

4 variations available: $0.00 - $249.68
Audible alarms are available in three types: Electronic Buzzer, Mechanical Bell, Vibrating Horn. Please select to match the rating of your control enclosure.
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Circuit Breakers

53 variations available: $0.00 - $289.93
A switch that protects an electrical circuit from overload by opening the circuit when the current flow exceeds a predetermined level. It serves the same purpose as a
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21 variations available: $0.00 - $95.85
An electrical relay used to control the flow of power in a circuit. They are available in many different configurations of amperages and coil voltages in both Nema and I
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Cord Grips

16 variations available: $0.00 - $17.36
Cord grips are used to seal enclosure penetrations from ingress of water or gases. They are sized based on the cord diameter. Cord grips are available in plastic or
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Elapsed Time Meter

3 variations available: $17.09 - $72.38
This product keeps track of elapsed time for various components up to 99,999 hours.
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Electronic Timer

4 variations available: $0.00 - $84.41
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Float Brackets

14 variations available: $0.00 - $43.17
Hold floats in wet well Available in powder coated steel or stainless steel,Available in 4 position or 6 position,Can be bolted or clamped.
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Fuse Holders

6 variations available: $0.00 - $112.26
Fuse holders are used to mount fuses in the control panel. We carry various sizes to match with your fuse needs.
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28 variations available: $0.00 - $52.53
A circuit protective device. When the voltage or current becomes excessive, the fuse burns out and opens the circuit path. A fuse always needs to be replaced with the s
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Generator Receptacles

14 variations available: $0.00 - $626.10
Weatherproof Receptacles and Plugs. A heavy duty receptacle is designed to provide a means for attaching a temporary power generator. This is usually installed on the e
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Green Vent Caps

4 variations available: $19.80 - $168.84
Features: Four sizes: 2", 3", 4", 6",Bug-free vent,Rustproof vinyl coated,Resists gases, acids, alkalies,Sun and weather resistant,Bronze screen,Screened area greater tha
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Heaters and Thermostats

6 variations available: $0.00 - $106.16
Heaters are used to protect the panel components from the formation of condensation. Our heaters are installed with a thermostat inside the panel.
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3 variations available: $0.00 - $19.53
This product provides a watertight connection for electrical conduit through the wall of a sheet metal enclosure.
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Intrinsically Safe Switches

4 variations available: $0.00 - $178.67
The ISR component option is designed for potentially hazardous environments and protects against sparks at a given circuit.
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Lighting Arrestors

5 variations available: $0.00 - $157.59
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Manual Motor Protectors

17 variations available: $0.00 - $105.14
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Mercury & Mechanical Floats

30 variations available: $0.00 - $89.84
Level alarms,On/off switches for pumps,Tank fill,Cistern monitor,Dosing control,Industrial applications,Effluent pump control and alarms. Features Molded in bright orange
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Motor Start Components

10 variations available: $0.00 - $40.85
Motor start relays and capacitors are selected based on specific pump models. Many models are available in stock to meet your specific pump needs. Numerous sizes in sto
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Pilot & Run Lights

7 variations available: $0.00 - $39.65
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PVC Junction Boxes

4 variations available: $0.00 - $147.80
Features Gasketetd PVC Construction,Simplex or Duplex Models,3 sizes available,3 hub sizes available,Poly cord grips for corrosion resistance,Custom configurations availa
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Relays & Sockets

32 variations available: $0.00 - $254.09
Our relays have high reliability and long service life. It is available in octal (8- and 11-pin) or square (11 - blade) base. They have the options to include a check b
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9 variations available: $0.00 - $910.95
Starters come in several sizes to meet your amperage requirements for both NEMA and IEC applications. Starters come equipped with overload relays for pump protection. S
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10 variations available: $0.00 - $35.99
Switches are used for operator interface to control various operations such as manually turning on a pump or silencing an audible alarm. Pilot switches are available in
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Terminal Blocks

21 variations available: $0.00 - $35.03
Terminal Blocks are ideal for various applications such as machine tool controls, distribution and instrumentation installations, switchgear, elevator and panel board con
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6 variations available: $0.00 - $471.81
Control power transformers are an important component to proper starter control. These transformers convert high voltages into safe working control voltage levels.
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