When it comes to running your business and winning bids, you can’t afford to wait months for quality control panels. You need a product built to spec and delivered on time so you can stay on top of the competition.

Getting the panel or parts you need is easy. We specialize in long-lasting relationships and world-class service that help you perform at your best.

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Send us your specs or bill of materials, and we'll prepare a quote for you.

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Electric Control Panels, Quality Parts and Accessories Provider

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Prepare the Project

We work closely with you to prepare quotes and submittals to meet specs on the required deadline. Quotes delivered within 24-48 hours and submittals, if requested, within 48-72.

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Build Your Control Panel

Once you’ve submitted your PO, our engineers will get to work to build your panel, ready within 2-3 weeks from order, depending on part availability.


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Test and Inspect

We test and inspect all panels prior to shipping to ensure your panel is built to the required specifications.

Request a Quote

Send us your specs or bill of materials,
and we'll prepare a quote for you.

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